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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Holiday : Ocean Park Hong Kong Part 1

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera,

To All my dear friend and blogger.....mood raya sudah terasa bahangnya..dah ramai cuti untuk balik kampung. JM pun mood untuk bekerja sepenuh hati sedikit berkurang dek kerana suasana seperti ini. Kawan-kawan sekeliling masing-masing cakap pasal raya..raya..raya..ada tu dah selamat sampai di kampung.

Okey..tak nak melalut panjang-panjang, sebenarnya JM nak sambung lagi percutian di Hong Kong dan hari ke 3 kami akan seharian di Ocean Park Hong Kong. Mesti ramai sedang menanti nak baca entry pasal ni kan..ade tak? tak ada?..belasah jer..JM nak kongsi jugak kat sini.

Kalau ke HK tapi tak ke sini macam ada tak kena jer. Nak tahu apa yang ada kat sana..Jom..ikut JM!. Entry ini agak panjang kalau malas nak baca just scroll down dan tengok gambar :-)

Entrance Ocean Park, Hong Kong
Ocean Park is a major attraction in Hong Kong, the luminous pearl of the Orient and world financial center in southeast China. The city's mild climate and coastal scenery, attracts throngs of visitors annually from all over world. Any visit to Hong Kong should include the world famous Ocean Park.

Hong Kong Ocean Park is located on the south end of Hong Kong Island. The larger of two sections is on the headlands of Nam Lang Shan Mountain. The smaller section is in the Wong Chuk Hang Valley lowlands. With an area of 170 acres, it's one of the largest ocean parks in the world. (source from: travelguidechina)

Official website :

Kalau travel mana-mana tempat pun tak boleh bangun lambat nanti rugi tido awal tak pe. Hari ni kami akan ke Ocean Park dek kerana semalam hujan awal pagi maka agenda ke sana perlu di batalkan. Alhamdulillah nasib kami baik kerana hari ni cuaca amat baik, langit cerah dan sejuk berangin. Wahhh..ini sudah cukup baik..mahu seharian kami di sana nanti.

Apa yang menarik sangat di Ocean Park nih..kalau ke HK tapi tak singgah sini macam tak cukup lengkap jer..meh sini JM senaraikan beberapa attraction yang ada kat sana.

Marine World
  • Pacific Pier  – Mimics the rocky habitat of 20 resident seals and sea lions on the Northern Californian coast. Allows visitors to walk under the pier to view these marine mammals in the water, complete with simulated waves.
  • Atoll Reef  - A four-storey high aquarium holding more than 2,000 fish from 250 different species, including the Black Spotted Sting Ray, for which a second generation was successfully bred at Ocean Park.
  • Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium – Yangtze River Exploration – Houses rare Chinese sturgeon along with other native species of the Yangtze River in an educational exhibit on this fragile ecosystem.
  • Ocean Park Tower – One of the tallest observation towers in Southeast Asia. Rises 200 metres above sea level with a rotating observation deck at the top offering 360° views of the South China Sea.
  • Sea Jelly Spectacular – Showcases an underwater ‘garden’ of over 1,000 sea jellies from around the globe, set to the latest lighting, music and multimedia special effects.
  • Ocean Express  – A funicular railway system capable of transporting visitors between the Summit and the Waterfront in 3 minutes with a capacity of carrying 5000 people per hour. This themed ride utilizes multimedia effects to simulate the feeling of travelling into the depths of the sea. The Funicular was supplied by specialist ropeway engineering company Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group in conjunction with Swiss based Gangloff   who built the Funicular car, the themed multimedia effects  were designed and installed by UK based theme park design specialist Sarner Ltd.
  • The Dragon  – A custom Arrow Dynamics looping coaster.
  • The Abyss – Raises passengers up 62 metres (203 ft) in 20–25 seconds before thrusting them downward at speeds of up to 65 km/h, even faster than freefalling.
  • Flying Swing – Swings passengers up 7 metres (23 ft) into the air at 11 rpm in an undulating wave motion.
  • Crazy Galleon – A suspended ship that tilts passengers back and forth at a nearly 45° angle, 20 metres above the ground.
  • Ferris wheel – Standing 27 metres (89 ft) tall with 18 six-seater gondolas, the Ferris wheel offers views of Ocean Park and the South China Sea.
  • The Eagle – Hoists passengers 23.5 metres (77 ft) into the air and whirls them around at a maximum gyro drive speed of 22 rpm.
  • Marine World Games Zone – Features 20 classic arcade games that tests players dexterity and strength.
Thrill Mountain

    • Hair Raiser - A B&M Floorless Coaster that opened on 8 December 2011.
    • Whirly Bird  - A chair swing ride standing 30 metres (98 ft) tall.
    • Bumper Blaster - Bumper cars that can carry 2 in each car.
    • Rev Booster - A ride that spins and whirls you in a high speed.
    • The Flash - A ride that spins you up to 22 metres (72 ft) into to air, hitting 3.9G.
    Adventure Land
      • Mine Train - A steel "mine train" roller coaster made by Zamperla perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking Aberdeen Harbour.
      • Raging River – A refreshing water ride that takes passengers through tropical waterfalls, narrow ravines and finishes by shooting them down a slide at almost 60 km/h.
      • Ocean Park Escalator  - At 225 metres (738 ft) long, this weatherproof escalator is the second longest outdoor escalator in the world.
      Polar Adventure
        • Arctic Blast - A steel "power coaster" made by Mack Rides that opened on 13 July 2012.
        • Visitors can see king penguins, southern rockhopper penguins, and gentoo penguins at the South Pole Spectacular and walruses, snowy owls, and Arctic foxes at the North Pole Encounter.
        Amazing Asian Animals 
        • Giant Panda Adventure – An impressive purpose-built habitat that houses rare giant pandas and red pandas, making their first appearance in Hong Kong.
        • Panda Village – Showcases clever Asian small-clawed otters and a variety of Asian birdlife in a woodland setting.
        • Gator Marsh - A wetland setting, featuring Chinese Alligators, grass carps and other Asian fishes
        • Goldfish Treasures – A goldfish pavilion featuring the latest and rarest varieties like the Black Oranda and Blue Phoenix Eggfish. Educates visitors on the history and importance of the goldfish in Chinese culture.
        Lowland Gardens
        • Hong Kong Jockey Club Giant Panda Habitat  - Home to two of Ocean Park’s giant pandas, An An and Jia Jia. The Giant Panda Habitat also acts as a resource centre on the care and conservation of this species.
        • Sky Fair  – Ride a real hot air balloon that soars 100 metres (330 ft) into the air and see majestic views of southern Hong Kong. The area features a carnival setting with clowns, jugglers and acrobats.
        • Bungee Trampoline  – Enables visitors to jump very high into the air on large trampolines when strapped in.
        Whisker's Harbour
          • Dolphin University – Dolphins introduce young visitors to marine life and the importance of caring for the ocean. Home to the Park’s dolphin breeding centre, which achieved a world’s first in breeding artificially inseminated bottlenose dolphins.
          • Balloon Up-up-and-away  – A gentle, colourful hot air balloon-themed Ferris wheel for very young visitors.
          • Clown a Round – This merry-go-round has funny clown cars for younger kids to whirl around in.
          • Frog Hopper – A kid’s version of a popular thrill ride. Young visitors strap into the mechanized ‘frog’, hop high into the air and land back on their feet.
          • Merry-go-round  – A classic children’s merry-go-round with gilded fairytale horses.
          • Bouncer House  – An inflatable, fully padded, covered house for children to bounce around in and get plenty of exercise.
          • Whiskers Harbour Playground  – A safe, child (and parent)-friendly haven for kids to run around and explore slides, see-saws, tunnels and jungle gyms.
          • Interactive Shadow Play  – Kids get to play simple spelling and skill games on interactive multimedia screens. Correct answers are rewarded with charming audiovisual presentations.
          • Animal Story Corner  – Children can explore interactive educational displays about different land, air and sea animals, and what makes each of them distinct.
           Source from : Wikipedia

          Aha..betul tak JM cakap..memang rugi kalau tak pegi sini pelbagai ride dan game yang sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur. Pilih je nak naik yang mana..ada yang thrill..ada yang biasa-biasa je dan bukan itu sahaja ada juga showtimes. Memang teruja kan...Jom ikut JM ke sana..

          How to get there :
          1. Take a MTR stop at Admiralty Station Exit B, Terminus Bus to Ocean Park
          2. Take bus 629 at Admiralty MTR Station or Central Pier No.7 to Ocean Park directly.

          Kepada sesiapa yang belum beli tiket online tak perlu risau kerana sebelum naik bas nati terdapat kaunter tiket, so boleh beli kat sana.

          Ticket Price :
          One Way ticket bus : HKD10.60 
          Two Way Ticket buas : HKD20.20
          Ocean Park Ticket : Adult -  HKD280
                                         Children from 3 - 11 years old : HKD140
                                         Free for kids under three years old

          Aqua City Gourmet Pass: HK$550/HK$280 for children (including Ocean Park Admission and special 3-course dinner at Neptune's Restaurant in Aqua City, dinner time 18:00-20:30)

          At Admiralty Station, Exit B - Bus to Ocean Park
          Bus No 629 - to Ocean Park
          Tak susah, keluar sahaja dari Exit B - bus to Ocean Park, beratur beli tiket dan terus naik bas sebab bas sedia menunggu, penuh bas hadapan bas yang dibelakang akan gerak ke depan. Tak perlu risau dan memang efisyen, Kalau tak salah JM ingat-ingat lupa dalam 20minit dah sampai.

          Sedikit info Citybus Route 629, sourse from :

          The Citybus Route 629 runs daily from Admiralty MTR Station or Central (Star Ferry). The bus fares are $10.6 for adults and $5.3 for children (aged 4-11).

          In order to provide better service for passengers, starting from 21 February 2011 (Monday), New Express Route 629A operating from Ocean Park to Causeway Bay (near Times Square) and Central (omit Admiralty) will be introduced.

          Time table schedule : 

          From Admiralty Station - Start Time : 9.00 am, Last Bus : 4.00pm
          From Central (Star Ferry) - Start Time : 9.45 am, Last Bus : 3.45 pm

          Sampai sahaja nanti, terdapat guard yang akan selongkar atau check bag bagi memastikan tiada bekalan makanan yang akan di bawak masuk tapi kalau nak bawak masuk jugak perlu pandai-pandai lah yer.

          Dari pintu masuk akan nampak Aqua City yang terdiri daripada Aqua City Lagoon dan The Grand Aquarium. Terdapat banyak souviner shop di kawasan berhampiran dan jangan lupa ye ambil map di pintu masuk nanti senang nak tawaf heeeee. Kalau belum beli tiket di stesen Admiralty, pekhidmatan penjualan tiket turut di sediakan di sebelah kiri pintu masuk.

          Ticket Counter
           Mari kita tinjau kawasan sekitar. Hoyeee...kami dah jejak kaki ke sini. You oulsss bila lagi?

          My travel partner yang setia..ada sesiapa yang ingin berkenalan..masih single tu :-)
          Yang ini kalau ada sesiapa yang tak kenal sila angkat tangan
          The Grand Aquarium
          Gift Shop
          Jom kita tengok Panda. Inilah travel partner JM yang setia... :-)
          Hai Panda...tengah buat apa tu...
          Untuk pengetahuan semua, sebenarnya Ocean Park terdiri daripada 2 bahagian iaitu kawasan tanah rata yang terdiri daripada Aqua City, Amazing Asian Animals dan Wiskers Harbour. Ketiga-tiga tempat ini amat sesuai untuk kanak-kanak dan amat tidak sesuai untuk kategori dewasa macam kami ni, so tak perlu buang masa jom..kami nak ke kawasan tanah tinggi yang terdapat game yang lebih thrill. Kalau nak ke sana boleh naik Cable Car atau tren tapi kami memilih untuk naik cable car kerana ingin melihat view dari atas.

          Amazing Asian Animals - Kami tak ke sini coz tak adventure
          Nampak tak..kami akan naik cable car untuk ke bukit kat atas tuuu
          Sebelum ke Cable Car Station akan melalui Old Hong Kong.

          Cable Car and Old Hong Kong on one way direction

          Welcome to Old Hong Kong

          View sekitar Old Hong Kong
          Jom kita naik cable car menuju ke puncak. Cable car kat sini cantik dan berwarna-warni dari jauh nampak seperti coklat..rasa cam nak makan je ahahaha..boleh giteww..tak Percaya?...

          Cable Car Station
          Jom naik cable car..kepada yang gayat dengan tempat tinggi...jangan naik yer
          Cantik kan cable car tu..warna warni
          View laut dari Cable Car
          Akhirnya kami sampai ke puncak di mana terdapat game yang lebih menarik dan adventure, boleh menigkatkan kadar hidranalin korang. Nak tahu senarai game yang boleh membuatkan jantung korang berdegup lebih kencang perlu untuk next entri dalam Ocean Park Part 2. Penat ehhh nak siapkan entri ni...ada sesiapa boleh tolong :-)

          Selamat menyambut Syawal yang bakal tiba. Bersambung............

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